Prices starting from

  • Transcription (per minute): 3.6 credits
    0.06 credits per second
  • Translation (per 1000 characters): 0.3 credits
    0.0003 credits per character
  • Voice-over (per 1000 characters): 4.8 credits
    0.0048 credits per character

Different AI models have different strengths, prices, and range of supported languages. You can find more information about our AI models here.

Why use a credit system?

Our credit system offers users the ability to access multiple APIs without having to sign up for individual subscriptions.

This approach allows users to purchase a single pool of credits, which they can then spend across various services, such as transcription, translation, and voice-over. By using credits, users can avoid the hassle of managing multiple subscriptions and gain access to a range of services through a single platform.

Additionally, our credit system ensures that users only pay for the services they use, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals who require access to multiple APIs.